DMR Info

The main player in DMR is of course, Motorola, with their MotoTrbo line.  Significantly more expensive, but folks do buy them.  Sometimes used.
If you haven't already seen this guide, this really should be the central document to orient anyone to DMR:

Amateur Radio Guide to DMR

PVRA supports two DMR repeaters - one in Vernon, one in Torrington.  They are part of the overall CT ARES network of UHF DMR repeaters in the state.  There are currently at least 22 repeaters in that network, with another five or eight ramping up.  That network is described on the CT ARES website, at -- under the CT DMR Repeaters tab.  The network is open to all amateurs, except for times when ARES is drilling, or in an activation.


You can get a flavor for DMR activity, worldwide, by monitoring DMR WATCH -- there are "live" and "last heard" tabs, as well as some instructions.  Every radio is known to the worldwide network by radio IDs.  IDs in Connecticut start with 3109xx. IDs are issued at DMR-MARC.NET
 If you use the last-heard tab, and sort by the radio ID column, you'll see the last time any particular radio was active (within some number of hours).