PVRA Repeater Club

P.O. Box 903
Manchester, CT 06045-0903

Dues Structure:

PVRA membership is $50.00 per year for a primary member and $25.00 per year for an additional family member.  

Student Membership:

Student Membership has been created for Licensed Hams under 16 Years old. Dues are free for this Associate non-voting membership.

Senior Membership:

A senior membership has been created for members over 65 years of age. Senior dues are $30.00

Membership term:

The initial membership expiration will be 1 year from the signup date. The yearly membership renewal is on April 1st. At that time new members will be issued a prorated bill to continue the membership until the following April 1st.

If you would like to join PVRA, Inc. select one of the following links:

Renewals: Click on one of the links below and enter the appropriate information. Enter the dollar amount from your bill.

Please enter your Callsign in the Call Sign area.

If your street address or email address has changed email to be sure the change is recorded.

Join or Renew with PayPal

Enter Appropriate Amount in PayPal form:

   Regular Membership:   $ 50.00
   Family Member:   $ 25.00
   Senior Membership:   $ 30.00
   Senior Family Member:   $ 15.00
   Under 18:   $ 20.00
   Renewal Amt from Bill:   $ xx.xx

Amateur Call Sign

To Join or Renew by Mail Click on Link Below:    

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